Monday, December 3, 2012

Fraternity and Poverty

Lectio Divina

... above the other hills ...

Isaiah 2:2 (New Living Translation)


Continuing catch-up on the Catholic periodicals, and finishing a quick read through the hagiography of Saint Colette.


This morning, resuming our quick romp through the early history of the Franciscan movement, examining the causes of inner tensions within the order during its first three centuries. Tomorrow my small group will present its learning about Saint Colette and her place in the development of the movement during the 15th century. In short, what I mean to say about her is that in the great debate among Francis' followers as to which comes first, unity in fraternity-sorority or poverty in minority, Colette would answer poverty. From true poverty comes genuine fraternity-sorority, the former being the genesis of holiness and perfecting the latter. Colette did not end the debates or divisions within the Franciscan movement, but her personal example did much to preserve the unity of her chosen religious family for almost another hundred years.

This afternoon, spiritual direction at Old Mission Santa Barbara. This evening, schola rehearsal, unless it is cancelled in favor of prayerful silence, which has happened on occasion.

I have drafted my Advent circular. In between and during the week ahead, hoping to compose it on the computer and give it a pleasing design, adding some photos from San Lorenzo. With luck I will send out the letter within two weeks.


The sunshine is back brightly, and so is the cool air. Wearing boots anyway, because my shoes got waterlogged while on my walk yesterday. I'll be expecting rain more often from now on.

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