Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rattlesnake Canyon

Lectio Divina

....That the mountains may yield their bounty for the people, and the hills great abundance....

Psalm 72:3


Continuing with the aforementioned readings, as given below.


Today: an eleven-mile hike north of Santa Barbara with one of the novice brothers in Rattlesnake Canyon, part of Los Padres National Forest. It was great exercise for the body and the soul. It was cooler in the canyon than I expected, and God brought the refreshment of rain at the end of the afternoon. We drove several miles into the hills, parked the car, and walked for a couple of miles in search of a trail. We found a four-mile path called the San Ysidro Trail and had enough time to walk more than three-fourths of it down near to the base of the hills, where the ground was rocky and clayey and moist. From the head of the trail and along the road, shared by automobiles, other motorized vehicles, and bicycles, we had wonderful views of Santa Barbara and the Pacific Ocean. In some places on the horizon you could not tell where the ocean ended and the sky began.

My right knee was a little sore at the end of our expedition but my body felt good for having exerted itself. And I found I was able to meditate better this evening in chapel. When your body is tired, it is easy to be still! 


Pleasant and refreshing, like the canyon.

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