Monday, September 10, 2012

Don't Go to Egypt

Lectio Divina

They went to Egypt--they did not listen to the voice of the Lord.

Jeremiah 43:7


Finishing Resurrection. Reading two chapters of Priscilla and Aquila every other day in the small reading circle with the novice brothers. Continuing with the Spanish textbook as personal time allows.


Sunday: Mass at nine-thirty in the morning at Old Mission Santa Ines. The Capuchin priest who presided is the Catholic chaplain at the federal prison in Lompoc, Calif. Ordinarily he works there on Sundays, but he was at the mission church substituting for his Capuchin brother, the pastor, who was away for a family celebration. He has heard of my interest in doing prison ministry and will follow up with me about the opportunities to engage with the incarcerated persons he sees.

This morning: lectoring at morning prayer and Eucharist. I am the reader for today (yesterday I was the server and antiphonarian, and the prayer leader the day before). This week and next week in class, we will study biblical foundations for our practices of prayer. This afternoon: work on The Caperone and phone calls to New York. This evening, choral practice. Throughout the week: kitchen clean-up (I've been back on the shifts since Friday).


The air moistened Friday and cooled down a lot Saturday evening and was subdued on Sunday until the evening brought fresh breezes. Now, bright and clear from the dawn, and promising to stay fresh.

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