Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Study and Reflection

Holding off on writing about last week for a little while more. Sometimes it is good to let the experience season in your soul until the flavor of its meaning ripens.

At the moment, the postulants are moving from the future-oriented posture of prayer and action of the retreat week and discernment weekend back to a present-tense engagement of life in the Spirit. (Or at least I am, if I speak with certainty only for myself.) We are reading the early documents on Francis concerning his encounters with lepers, his religious experience at the church of San Damiano, and other episodes from that time in his conversion and change in habits.

We are soon to reflect on our ministries with our formators in a more intentional way than we have done in either our formation conferences or mid-year evaluations. Having written about several experiences in ministry in this space, and feeling quite connected in mind and spirit to my daily practice of pastoral and prophetic presence at Neighbors Together, it will not be difficult for me to do this.

Finally, I continue to coax, entice, and lure friends to visit St. Michael Friary for prayer, dinner, and an overnight stay. This old house is good for company.

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