Friday, September 23, 2011

Hard Times

Yesterday I had to tell the people coming for a meal at Neighbors Together they could not have a second helping. I didn't like that. I do not like it that we do not have enough food for people who are so hungry that they do need a second helping.

Yesterday I came home in the afternoon and saw a NYPD vehicle parked in the little driveway at St. Michael Friary with my across-the-street neighbor sitting in the squad car with his hands cuffed. He was being violent against his wife. The two 75th Precinct officers would tell me nothing about what happened. I had to get the story from the bystanders. I didn't like any of it. I do not like it that the police are trained to act above the people. I am angry about the man under arrest who was being violent toward the woman he is with and lost himself in his anger.

Yesterday I was angry with myself for being angry on the serving line at the men who were angry at me because I could not give them more food. I told one of the men that "we're all hungry," meaning that everybody who comes to Neighbors Together is hungry and needs a meal. This man said to me that not everybody is hungry, meaning that not everybody has to come to Neighbors Together.

Yesterday I went around the cafe at Neighbors Together with white paper plates asking people to write a letter on a paper plate to Rep. Edolphus Towns so he will know how many people rely on Neighbors Together. We are mailing the paper plates to Towns so he will remember these hungry people when Congress considers cutting back more on Food Stamps and the federal programs that keep our soup kitchen open. I read the paper plates yesterday. I am angry because the poor have to go begging for their lives while there is always plenty of money to make war. There is always plenty of money to make people poor, sick, and hungry. Maybe we should just get rid of money all together.

Yesterday I could feel how hard the times are, and I could feel the times hardening me. God, do not let them harden my heart.

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