Sunday, February 10, 2013


Lectio Divina

When they brought their boats to the shore....

Luke 5:11


Continuing to read theological texts sent by my friends. I vow to finish Mumford, The City in History, by the end of novitiate -- I just don't when specifically. Keeping up with America, Commonweal, and National Catholic Reporter. The Catholic Worker has been truant -- we'll have to look into that. Now reading the latest issue of The Pilgrim from my homeless and recently housed friends from Ecclesia Ministries and St. Paul's Cathedral in Boston.


Hello again, readers. No, I did not get lost in San Francisco, and I am not in trouble or distress. I have not been too busy to post, either. But with the hiatus of last week's pilgrimage and now with Lent approaching, I have decided this would be a good time to take my first sabbatical from the blog.

That means I won't be posting nearly every day as I have been. Rather than sign off cold turkey, I might ease into Internet silence as we begin Lent. So I might recap the pilgrimage, give you an outlook on what I'll be doing the next several weeks and where I'll be going (more travel is in store), and post some other essential news. Then I will move into a great silence, perhaps to surface occasionally with a poem, prayer, or song instead of a log of the day.

An advantage of this is that I will have more time within my limit of 90 minutes to correspond individually with you by e-mail, which I have been meaning to do for some friends.

My intention at the moment is to resume the blog as before at Easter. 

I hope this letting go will allow me to practice some spiritual writing of a more intimate sort, a very personal dialogue with God. And perhaps some of this kind of writing will surface here, too.

Much grace and peace be with you, friends and readers. I'll be getting quieter now, but know of my continued prayers for you, your loved ones, our mutual friends, and all our sisters and brothers in the Spirit.


Cold, cold, cold. But it's nothing like the Northeast right now. And the cold won't last forever.

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