Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Jennifer

My sister, Jennifer, is 32 years old today. This note is for her.

Dear Sister,

Greetings and blessings to you this day, the day you were made known to the world.

One of the reasons I give thanks for you is that you give your gifts graciously to everyone. You use your talents unstintingly for the well being of family and friends. There is no one who is unworthy of your love and service. There is no partiality in your giving, though to some people it may seem like partisan preference. I know it is not that way with you. The persons with a jealous disposition, who chafe under irritable skin, fail to understand the meaning of your giving, which is magnanimity. Those people are not to be your concern. They are full enough.

Rather, without fear or anxiety, shed your light even more broadly on others, especially the ones who are loved and served by none, until your light shines for all. Who else waits for you? Your secret neighbors, the poor. Their existence you can scarcely imagine today, but I promise you, as much as you enjoy giving to those who can return your love, it is a much more perfect joy to give to those who cannot make a return. Search yourself; see your poverty of spirit, and you will learn to see the poor.

You have been granted many good things, sister. All of them come from God, because all that is good, God grants. Keep giving what you have been given, and keep in mind how you give it: with complete dedication. The intention of making your gifts a total offering pleases God most and makes mercy, justice, and love live among us.

From my heart and with appeal to Jesus, the heart of the world, I wish you, Jesse, and little Jesse peace and all goodness, and life to the fullest.

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